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Today, the Military service is considered to be the most respected occupation. More and more young men and even women show their desire to serve in the Army. They have many reasons to do it – after the military service, they get the privileges that the so-called “civic” people will never have. For instance, they are welcomed always in different institutions, they often get the best occupations, become the leaders. However, even the best military person will never get a success when applying to some job or when entering another service (in the Army) if he/she does not provide brief, clear and laconic Military Biography.

What is Military Bio?

Actually, it can be a template where the person gives all possible information about him, including his/her real full name, place and date of birth, the city (country) of the military service and the years when the man/woman served, all the ranks and awards, assignments, etc. You can check here some Military Bio samples to get the full understanding of how it should look like:

As you see, all Military Biographies are simply the brief information about the person, who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force. Each Army Bio always has the photo of the person. As a rule, this individual must be photographed in his/her uniform.

Writing your Military Biography — Recommendations and Rules

For writing documents such as autobiography for the military registration and enlistment office, the same rules that are used for resumes exist. The main issues that should be considered and not overlooked when compiling any Military Bio are the following:

  • Mind always the sequence of presentation in chronological order from birth to the present;
  • Be very laconic;

This Bio must not contain any unnecessary irrelevant details; you should describe only the most important events in your life.

  • Mind also the completeness of presentation.

There should be enough details on the basis of which you can make a full-fledged conclusion about your character, dedication, ability to behave in a team and even achieve your main goals (in the life and in your career).

  • Reliability of information.

There should be no inaccuracies, fraud, and distortion. Small insignificant omissions will not affect the Bio, but better try to ensure that your Army biography does not have these minor inaccuracies.

Additionally, it will not be superfluous to mention your achievements in sports. Some Bios contain the information about the person’s health, the absence of previous operations, serious diseases and injuries.

The volume of the simplest Army Bio template should not exceed two pages of text.

The consequence of the information given in your Military Bio

Look through the Army Bio example to realize HOW to make such stuff. Traditionally, the template starts with the short informative text about the person, his current position, the education he/she has got, the awards, and whatnot. Further, the list of the following information is filled in:

  • Education;
  • Decorations and awards;
  • Assignments.

Here, you can find the sample of a Military Bio that will be the greatest help to create your own Army (Navy, Air Force) Biography.

Examples of the Military Biographies

These Biographies might also contain more information about the person. This document can include the main milestones of your life path. When drafting a document, one should adhere to the chronological plan, that is, describe the events in the sequence in which they occurred. It is mandatory to indicate which schools are over, to describe your career and sporting achievements. If you have a hobby that is associated with the intended service, you need to write about him. You can write other professions you have. The document can also contain brief information about close relatives.

Look through these Army Bio examples — they differ a bit. Think, which of these documents is the best variant for you.

Military Bio Sampleair-force-biography-template-Doc Word Retirement Military Bio Examples

We are sure that the Military Bio samples which you will find here will be the best support for you in case you are going to be a successful person.

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