Character Bio Template

Each writer that is working at his Character bio should create first his “portrait”. It will help him further when he starts to try sharing with the readers the features of the main hero, his biography, bad and good habits, and whatnot. Sometimes, this task becomes too much complicated. Why? The writer, telling at the details of his novel, story or even a poem, simply forgets about the details connected with the personalities that are described in the publication. It will never happen to the writer or a story-teller when he uses special Character bio Template. What is it? Everything is simple – you will understand it now.

What is this so-called Character biography Template?

It is a special pattern which reminds the author of the story what he/her should tell the readers about the characters mentioned in the book. Any Character bio sheet can be different. The easiest, basic Character bio Template contains the information, which tells the readers the following things:

  • The name of the hero/heroes;
  • The hero’s nationality, religion, the information about his age, etc;
  • The city and the country he comes from and the places he lives;
  • Any info that refers to the details of the hero’s birth;
  • The info about his marriages (divorces), the presence of the children and their number (names, age);
  • His likes and dislikes, etc.

Give more Information

Naturally, the most curious readers will be interested in the book if they get more details about the hero’s life. If you always have at hand your Character sheet Template, you will never forget to mention such stuff as the following things:

  • If a hero has a lover;
  • If he has some special preferences that differ him from the other people that live nearby;
  • If the profession he has is something very unusual;
  • If he is a drunkard or a drug addict;
  • If he has some secrets he is trying to hide from the other guys, etc.

Never forget about all the personalities mentioned in the book

Follow this simple rule, and your story, novel, a long poem will be extremely exciting; it will burn in a reader to read it up to the end. The Character outline or the Character info sheet that you can find here will become your perfect helper. It will never let you forget to share with the readers any extremely important information about the hero:

  • Parents and grandparents;
  • Buddies and real friends;
  • Children and relatives that play the coolest role in his life;
  • Enemies, etc.

Describing the hero and using simple Character bio Template, you will always keep in your head the detailed portrait of the personality, which is the main hero. Find here the best Character bio examples, and you will understand how it is important to use it, and how easy your work will be when you get them. Naturally, you can always add much more information to the heroes’ biographies but the basic things which are his/her age, nationality and the color of the skin, appearance and attractiveness, intelligence (even IQ) must be described in the publication.

It is so easy to write – you will simply realize it when you get here your first Character bio Template and use it when working at the description of the people which are mentioned in the book. It never matters if you have an intention to write the longest novel, a haunting story, a detective or the coolest thriller. The Character bio will make your work easy.

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